Company Email Archive- 12/18/14

Company Attendance

Hello Company,

With our first semester coming to an end we want to go over a few things regarding attendance and performances for Company. To make sure that all teams are looking their best for all performances and competitions and that we are successfully progressing as a team please read through the following information.


Dancers in class the entire week prior to a performance or competition:
Moving forward if we have any performances or competitions scheduled, dancers must be in class the entire week before in order to perform. This includes absences for school events, illness, etc. We understand you can’t control being sick, so if a major illness occurs please contact the front desk asap if the dancer will not be able to dance in class. Depending on how it will affect the performance we will advise you as to whether or not the dancer can perform.


School Events:
If you know of any school events or activities that are for a grade that your dancer will need to attend in the Spring, please let us know now and bring a note or info for us to put on file showing that the event is required for school. We must know at least a week in advance if dancers are going to miss for a required school event so we can plan rehearsals accordingly, but we much prefer to know well in advance about these dates. If these absences occur the week before a performance or competition a private lesson will be needed to make it up in order to perform.

Also wanted to remind everyone about Company’s attendance policy set out at the beginning of the year:
– Each dancer is allowed 3 absences per year in each of their weekly technique classes
– Each dancer is allowed 2 absences per semester in each of their team rehearsals

You will receive an email shortly with your dancer’s current status on attendance so you know where they stand. If your dancer has already exceeded their amount of absences we will contact you regarding makeup private lessons.


Thank you for helping us teach students teamwork and commitment! We are excited for next semester with these fabulous dancers!

Red Door Dance Academy
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