Dancing Holiday Magic

Info on 2016 Dancing Holiday Magic Performance is Coming Soon!!

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We are excited to announce that this year we will be hosting our 2nd annual Christmas event at the studio and your dancer is invited to perform! All our younger dancers’ classes will be performing a short holiday dance they will be working on in class at this event. We will also have lots of fun activities going on that day. Please see details below! If your dancer cannot perform at this event please let us know via email.


What: Dancing Holiday Magic
When: Saturday, December 10, 2016
Where: Red Door Dance Academy, 125 Hooper Rd. in Wylie
Who: All Young Dancers Classes (PreBallet, Combo I, Combo II, Mini Hip Hop & PrePrimary) 

Join us for a day of Holiday fun! We will have a holiday craft for kids, dance performances throughout the day and photo opps set up at the studio for you to take pictures of your dancer with our holiday decor. Santa has even scheduled a visit from the North Pole!!


What to Wear:

Dancers will wear their Dancing Holiday Magic TShirt and black bottoms of any kind. This can be black leggings, black dance shorts, black tights/leotard/ballet skirt, or other black bottoms they can move in. They will wear the appropriate dance shoes for their class (if in a Combo class they will only perform ONE dance and the shoes needed is listed below). Hair pulled back off face.


Shirt Orders: Each shirt is $15 plus tax and must be pre-ordered. All orders must be placed by Nov. 1.
There are several ways you can order your shirt.
– online- log in to our registration portal and find the link for the online store to place order
– an order form will be sent out soon you can fill out and turn in to your teacher or front desk
– come by the front desk and place your order in person


Saturday, December 10, 2016 at Red Door Dance Academy
Performances will be done in the largest dance room at the studio. Family and friends are invited to come watch your dancer perform.

*Each “show” will last 15-20 minutes max. Each class will only perform ONE dance. For Combo & PrePrimary classes we have listed the style they will be dancing next to their class name below.


10:00 Show
Purple Team
Sat. 9:45 PreBallet w/ Ms. Montana
Mon. 4:30 Combo I w/ Ms. Jamie (wear ballet shoes)
Sat. 10:30 Combo II w/ Ms. Caitlin (wear tap shoes)

10:45 Show
Purple Team
Tues. 10:00 PreBallet w/ Ms. Jessica
Tues. 5:30 Mini Hip Hop w/ Ms. Amanda
Tues. 4:15 Combo II w/ Ms. Caitlin (wear tap shoes)


11:30 Show
Red Team
Sat. 11:30 Combo I w/ Ms. Montana (wear ballet shoes)
Wed. 6:30 Combo II w/ Ms. Amanda (wear ballet shoes)
Tues. 4:30 Mini Hip Hop w/ Ms. Montana


12:15 Show
Red Team
Tues. 3:30 PreBallet w/ Ms. Caitlin
Mon. 5:30 Mini Hip Hop w/ Ms. Amanda
Wed. 5:00 Combo I w/ Ms. Montana (wear tap shoes)


1:00 Show
Chartreuse Team
Thurs. 4:30 Combo I w/ Ms. Caitlin (wear ballet shoes)
Mon. 2:45 PreBallet w/ Ms. Jessica
Tues. 10:30 Combo I w/ Ms. Jamie (wear ballet shoes)
Tues. 3:30 Combo I w/ Ms. Amanda (wear tap shoes)


1:45 Show
Chartreuse Team
Wed. 10:30 PreBallet w/ Ms. Caitlin
Thurs. 3:30 Combo I w/ Ms. Amanda (wear tap shoes)
Tues. 3:45 Mini Jazz w/ Ms. Jessica

2:30 Show
Silver Team
Wed. 4:00 Combo I w/ Ms. Amanda (wear tap shoes)
Wed. 3:30 PrePrimary w/ Ms. Jamie (wear jazz shoes)
Mon. 3:30 Combo II w/ Ms. Jamie (wear tap shoes)


3:15 Show
Silver Team
Mon. 6:15 PreBallet w/ Ms. Jamie
Tues. 6:15 Combo I w/ Ms. Amanda (wear tap shoes)
Tues. 5:15 PrePrimary w/ Ms. Caitlin (wear jazz shoes)


Each show will be roughly 15 minutes long and we will have chairs set up in our largest dance room for audience viewing. We are excited for you to come watch your dancer perform, but keep in mind our limited seating for this performance. Any young children should sit in laps to free up chairs for adults and we suggest dancers bringing 2-4 audience members.


Dancer Drop Off/Pick Up: Dancers must be dropped off with our teachers 15 minutes before their show time. As soon as dancers perform they will be released to parents in the audience.