Student Teacher Assistants & Role models 

Red Door Dance provides an in-house student training leadership program for students who are interested in becoming dance teachers, sharing their love of dance with younger kids, or want to be more involved in the studio and their dance education. Students will work side by side with a Red Door Dance Instructor in weekly classes as Student Teacher Assistants. Students will be selected after reviewing their application, work ethic, and prior history at the studio.



Why join the STAR Program?

  • Gain confidence by learning to be in front of a group of kids and learning to speak loudly with conviction in front of a group
  • Gain “job” experience- must sign in on time each day the dancer is assigned to assist in a class. We treat this like a job for the students, which we believe teaches a GREAT deal of skills and responsibility
  • More involvement in the studio- these dancers gain a sense of ownership in that they are a part of helping classes run smoothly and get to help out with the younger kids’ performances.
  • Great addition to their technique training- while you wouldn’t initially think assisting in a 5 year old’s tap and ballet class could improve a dancer’s technique, the dancers get a whole new perspective on dance class. Assistants are repeatedly going through the motions of dance basics which inevitably helps them improve. Teaching someone else to do something is also one of the best ways to reinforce it for yourself.

While we believe that the STAR Program is a program that is invaluable to the dancer through all they will learn from it, in spirit with treating this like a job we do give credits to your account based on how many hours your dancer assists in.


  • Must be 12 years old or older 
  • Student is enrolled in at least two classes per week  
  • Student is a positive role model
  • Student enjoys working with children
  • Student must respond positively to teacher evaluations/constructive criticism during their time as an assistant
  • While in school, in public, or at the dance studio, student is expected to be a responsible and respectful representative of our school
  • Must have danced at Red Door for a minimum of 1 year
  • Must be a strong technical dancer in level III classes and above, and possess appropriate class etiquette at all times.

Interested in joining the STAR Program? Contact Ms. Marisa at [email protected]