Get Back Up!

This topic is really for everyone, not just dancers, but since dance is our language here at Red Door Dance we will gear this towards our dancers.

This video is a great one for students to watch.
We will ALL have phases of life or days where we feel discouraged, the task at hand seems too hard, or we feel like we should give up.

  • Failure is not the end- think of failure or setbacks as part of your journey to success. We all have setbacks at different times. Work on rolling with it and learning from it rather than feeling defeated by it.
  • Failure does not define you- it refines you!
  • Most importantly, no matter WHAT you do- you are NOT a failure. Get back up again and you are NOT a failure.

For all our dancers out there- we want you to know that we KNOW failure will happen: in the dance studio, on the stage, in a rehearsal. It does not make us love you less- it makes us want to push you harder. As dance teachers we are here to support, love and encourage our students along each dancer’s journey, as unique as it may be!