Dance is FUN!!

First of all, dancing is a fantastic way to express yourself. Whether you’re feeling happy, sad, or anything in between, there’s a dance move out there that can help you communicate your emotions.

And let’s not forget about the music! Dancing is all about moving to the beat, and there’s nothing quite like getting lost in a great song and letting your body move in sync with the rhythm.

Plus, dancing is a great way to stay in shape and improve your coordination. You don’t need to be a professional dancer to reap the benefits of this art form – even just dancing around your living room for a few minutes a day can help you stay active and healthy.

But perhaps the best thing about dance is the sense of community it creates. Whether you’re taking a dance class, performing on stage, or just dancing with friends, there’s something truly magical about moving in unison with others.


Rayne Bussing

Marketing Intern

The Benefits Of Dance

Not only is it a great way to stay in shape and improve your coordination, but it’s also a fantastic stress-reliever. When you’re dancing, you’re fully immersed in the moment and all your worries seem to disappear. Plus, dancing is a social activity, so it’s a great way to make new friends and connect with others who share your passion for movement.

And let’s not forget about the costumes! Whether you’re performing on stage or just dancing for fun, there’s nothing quite like putting on a glittery tutu or a pair of sparkly jazz shoes. The costumes are an integral part of the performance and can make you feel like a true superstar.

But perhaps the best thing about dance is the feeling you get when you’re in the groove. When the music is pumping and you’re hitting every move perfectly, it’s an indescribable rush of adrenaline and pure joy. It’s a feeling that you can’t get anywhere else, and it’s what keeps dancers coming back for more.

So whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner just starting out, there’s no denying that dance is an incredibly fun and rewarding art form. So go ahead and get out there, put on your dancing shoes, and let your body move to the beat. Who knows, you just might discover your new favorite hobby


Rayne Bussing

Marketing Intern

Ballet- Red Door Dance Acdemy

Ballet is a highly technical form of dance that has been around for centuries. It originated in Italy during the Renaissance period, and over time it has evolved into a highly refined art form with its own unique vocabulary and technique. In this blog, we will explore the various aspects of ballet, including its history, techniques, and style.

History of Ballet

Ballet has a rich history that dates back to the 15th century. It originated in Italy during the Renaissance period, where it was performed as a court entertainment. Over time, ballet spread throughout Europe, with new styles and techniques emerging in different regions.

In the 19th century, ballet underwent a major transformation with the development of the Romantic style. This style was characterized by its emphasis on emotion and storytelling, with dancers wearing flowing costumes and performing graceful, fluid movements.

In the 20th century, ballet continued to evolve with the emergence of modern ballet, which incorporated elements of contemporary dance and rejected some of the more rigid conventions of traditional ballet.

Techniques of Ballet

Ballet is a highly technical form of dance that requires a great deal of training and practice. It incorporates a range of techniques, including pointe work, turnout, and pirouettes.

Pointe work involves dancing on the tips of the toes, while turnout refers to the outward rotation of the legs from the hip socket. Pirouettes involve spinning on one foot, often accompanied by intricate arm and leg movements.

Ballet also emphasizes balance, control, and flexibility, with dancers often performing complex sequences of movements that require a high degree of precision and coordination.

Style of Ballet

Ballet is known for its graceful, fluid movements, with dancers often appearing to float effortlessly across the stage. Its style is characterized by its emphasis on technique and precision, with dancers striving for perfect alignment and control.

Ballet often tells a story through its movements, with dancers using gestures and facial expressions to convey emotion. It is often performed to classical music, with the choreography carefully synchronized to the music.

Ballet is also known for its demanding physical requirements. It requires a great deal of strength, stamina, and flexibility, with dancers often training for many hours each day to achieve the level of skill required.

Ballet is a highly technical and demanding form of dance with a rich history and unique vocabulary and technique. Its graceful, fluid movements and emphasis on technique and precision make it a popular form of entertainment and a challenging and rewarding form of exercise. Whether you are a seasoned dancer or just starting out, ballet is an art form that is sure to inspire and captivate.

Emiliegh Rhoades 

Marketing Intern

Competition Teams at Red Door

Why do some kids (and their parents) choose to participate in the competition dance experience? At Red Door, we pride ourselves on providing the same excellent technique to every one of our dancers, regardless of the path they take with us. So dancers will receive expert instruction in quality dance technique in any class they enroll in. So why would someone sign up to dance more and, to be very honest, pay more for that instruction? 


Competition Dance with Company inspiRED and Level Up Dance Team takes dance to the next level. These are our elite dancers who want more. More stage time, more instruction, more insight into dance at the pre-professional level, more opportunities to learn from experts in the industry, more of that feeling of belonging to a family. 


And that last one, the family feeling, is what we really pride ourselves on. We know that we are helping to raise these children into adults. We want them to be the kind of adults that we want running the world. Our Competition Dance programs teach not only teamwork, excellent and safe technique, overcoming challenges, short and long-term goal setting, but how to speak kindly and professionally to themselves, each other, and adults. We learn accountability and responsibility. We build friendships that last lifetimes as we sweat and overcome frustrations together and learn that as a team, we can do hard things. Our faculty are very proud that we are able to teach them to dance, but possibly more importantly, we are able to mentor them and teach them life skills. 


So, yes, Company inspiRED and Level Up Dance Team dancers at Red Door are definitely elite. They are in classes 4-10 hours a week, sometimes more. They are learning all styles of dance and becoming well-rounded pre-professional dancers with excellent knowledge of dance technique. They are held to very high standards in and outside of the studio. They foster their love of performing and thrive in the challenge of learning multiple styles of dance at elite levels to compete several times a year. They are strong athletes and beautiful artists. But they are also a family that sweats and cries together. They celebrate and encourage each other, challenge and push each other to progress. 


Come get inspiRED with us! 

Company InspiRED: 2023

Our Company InspiRED teams have been hard at work preparing for the upcoming competition
season! Altogether, our 5 teams will perform 13 large group dances, with many more solos, duets, and
trios. Each of our dancers practices for hours both inside and outside of the studio.
Mini Team is our youngest group. These tiny dancers will perform one adorable jazz dance at
two competitions: Fly Dance Competition and Legacy Dance Championship. We can’t wait to see the
minis light up the stage with their sweet smiles and fun energy!
Purple Team will compete a jazz and a tap routine. They will compete at Elevation on Tour, Fly
Dance Competition, and Energy Dance Competition. These girls love practicing their facial expressions
and leaps, as well as trying on their adorable costumes. Purple Team dancers love one another, and they
always have a good time. We’re excited to see them shine on stage together.
Red Team will compete three dances in the styles of jazz, tap, and musical theater. These girls
will attend three competitions: Elevation on tour, Fly Dance Competition, and Legacy Dance
Championship. They work very hard as a team, and they also love to have fun! Their friendships and
personalities really show on stage.
Chartreuse Team, ranging from ages 11-15, will compete at four competitions with four dances
in the styles of jazz, tap, musical theater, and contemporary. Chartreuse Team consistently works hard
in and out of the studio to improve and perfect their dances. They also love a good dance party and
spending time with one another. Their dances are always a joy to watch.
Silver Team, with dancers from ages 12-18, compete at four competitions with jazz, tap, musical
theater, and contemporary dances. These ladies work hard to play hard, and they love one another.
Their close friendships and fun-loving nature help them to work together as a team. Their dances always
include lots of teamwork and personality. Silver and Chartreuse will compete at Elevation on Tour, Fly
Dance Competition, Legacy Dance Championship, and Energy Dance Competition. We are so blessed to
have each and every one of our dancers, and we can’t wait to see what this season has in store for

Company InspiRED

Noelle Porterfield

Marketing Intern