Company InspiRED: 2023

Our Company InspiRED teams have been hard at work preparing for the upcoming competition
season! Altogether, our 5 teams will perform 13 large group dances, with many more solos, duets, and
trios. Each of our dancers practices for hours both inside and outside of the studio.
Mini Team is our youngest group. These tiny dancers will perform one adorable jazz dance at
two competitions: Fly Dance Competition and Legacy Dance Championship. We can’t wait to see the
minis light up the stage with their sweet smiles and fun energy!
Purple Team will compete a jazz and a tap routine. They will compete at Elevation on Tour, Fly
Dance Competition, and Energy Dance Competition. These girls love practicing their facial expressions
and leaps, as well as trying on their adorable costumes. Purple Team dancers love one another, and they
always have a good time. We’re excited to see them shine on stage together.
Red Team will compete three dances in the styles of jazz, tap, and musical theater. These girls
will attend three competitions: Elevation on tour, Fly Dance Competition, and Legacy Dance
Championship. They work very hard as a team, and they also love to have fun! Their friendships and
personalities really show on stage.
Chartreuse Team, ranging from ages 11-15, will compete at four competitions with four dances
in the styles of jazz, tap, musical theater, and contemporary. Chartreuse Team consistently works hard
in and out of the studio to improve and perfect their dances. They also love a good dance party and
spending time with one another. Their dances are always a joy to watch.
Silver Team, with dancers from ages 12-18, compete at four competitions with jazz, tap, musical
theater, and contemporary dances. These ladies work hard to play hard, and they love one another.
Their close friendships and fun-loving nature help them to work together as a team. Their dances always
include lots of teamwork and personality. Silver and Chartreuse will compete at Elevation on Tour, Fly
Dance Competition, Legacy Dance Championship, and Energy Dance Competition. We are so blessed to
have each and every one of our dancers, and we can’t wait to see what this season has in store for

Company InspiRED

Noelle Porterfield

Marketing Intern