Competition Teams at Red Door

Why do some kids (and their parents) choose to participate in the competition dance experience? At Red Door, we pride ourselves on providing the same excellent technique to every one of our dancers, regardless of the path they take with us. So dancers will receive expert instruction in quality dance technique in any class they enroll in. So why would someone sign up to dance more and, to be very honest, pay more for that instruction? 


Competition Dance with Company inspiRED and Level Up Dance Team takes dance to the next level. These are our elite dancers who want more. More stage time, more instruction, more insight into dance at the pre-professional level, more opportunities to learn from experts in the industry, more of that feeling of belonging to a family. 


And that last one, the family feeling, is what we really pride ourselves on. We know that we are helping to raise these children into adults. We want them to be the kind of adults that we want running the world. Our Competition Dance programs teach not only teamwork, excellent and safe technique, overcoming challenges, short and long-term goal setting, but how to speak kindly and professionally to themselves, each other, and adults. We learn accountability and responsibility. We build friendships that last lifetimes as we sweat and overcome frustrations together and learn that as a team, we can do hard things. Our faculty are very proud that we are able to teach them to dance, but possibly more importantly, we are able to mentor them and teach them life skills. 


So, yes, Company inspiRED and Level Up Dance Team dancers at Red Door are definitely elite. They are in classes 4-10 hours a week, sometimes more. They are learning all styles of dance and becoming well-rounded pre-professional dancers with excellent knowledge of dance technique. They are held to very high standards in and outside of the studio. They foster their love of performing and thrive in the challenge of learning multiple styles of dance at elite levels to compete several times a year. They are strong athletes and beautiful artists. But they are also a family that sweats and cries together. They celebrate and encourage each other, challenge and push each other to progress. 


Come get inspiRED with us!