Dress Code

It is important for your student’s growth as a dancer that they come to class prepared to learn.  An important part of that preparation includes wearing the appropriate dress code items.

  • Shining Stars Classes have specific dance wear depending on class and must be purchased through us. You are welcome to buy your own tights & shoes if you have a different preference for those, but class leotards must be purchased through us so the class is matching. <Order Online HERE>
    We do sell some dance wear in the studio as well and have sizing kits for anything that we do not stock. Try on at the studio then order online! *Please note- dance shoes are not usually the same as street shoe size- our Shining Stars ballet shoes tend to run 2-3 sizes small for example. Please try on our sizing shoes at the studio before ordering if you have not ordered with us before!
  • Leveled Class Dress Code is listed below and does not have to be purchased through us. Although we do have options on our online store as well as a few options in the studio.

Shining Stars Class Dress Code


Leveled Class Dress Code

Ballet: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes (leather or canvas- we recommend canvas for the more advanced dancer). Any color ballet skirt is optional. Other warm-ups are allowed during cold months (leg warmers, shrugs, etc.) for the beginning of class, but teacher may ask students to remove skirts and other cover ups after warm up. Hair must be in a bun. (girls)
Black athletic shorts and black or white Tshirt, black ballet shoes (boys)

Tap, Jazz & Contemporary: Solid black dance attire- leotard or form fitted top with dance shorts/pants (must be form fitting). Any short shorts or “booty” shorts must have tights underneath. Tights may be pink, skin-tone or black.
Hair pulled back off of face. (girls)
Black athletic shorts or pants and black or white T shirt (boys)
Black tap shoes for tap
skin-tone jazz shoes for jazz
Bare feet or half soles for contemporary

Hip Hop: Comfortable dance clothes, t-shirts, tank tops, sweat pants. No jeans or skirts allowed. Pants are needed for floor work or slides done in class so knees are covered.
Black hightop hip hop shoes- purchased through our online store.
Hair pulled back off of face.

Acro: Solid black attire- Leotard or short-tard with or without form fitted shorts is suggested, bare feet. If wearing tights, must be footless/convertible. Tights can be pink, skin-tone or black.
Hair pulled back off of face.