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Eisemann Recital Stage Rehearsal Schedule 2020

Stage rehearsal is on Thursday, April 30 and Friday, May 1 and is MANDATORY for all dancers participating in recital. This rehearsal is very important and allows students to practice on stage and get familiar with the venue before performance day. NO COSTUMES will be worn at this rehearsal. Please come in normal dance attire and bring all necessary dance shoes. We will run through each of their dances on the stage.
*** Please come at least 15 minutes early so you can find the drop off area and dancers will be ready to dance at the listed time.


4:15Monday 3:30 Jazz I
Thursday 4:00 Jazz I
4:30Tuesday 4:00 Ballet IA
Thursday 4:15 Contemporary I
4:45Thursday 5:00 Hip Hop III/IV
Monday 4:30 Tap I
5:00Wednesday 5:15 PrePrimary
Thursday 5:00 Ballet IA
5:15Friday 5:15 Hip Hop I
Wednesday 5:15 PrePrimary continued
5:30Tuesday 5:30 Tap II
Wednesday 5:15 PrePrimary continued
5:45Wednesday 6:00 Ballet IA
Thursday 6:00 Ballet IB
6:00Monday 6:00 Tap IV
Tuesday 6:00 Jazz I
6:15Monday 6:00 Tap III AND Wednesday 6:45 Tap III
Daddy Daughter YELLOW SHOW
6:30Wednesday 6:45 Jazz II
6:45Monday 6:45 Ballet IB AND Wednesday 4:15 Ballet IB
Thursday 7:00 Tap I
7:00Monday 6:45 Ballet II
Tuesday 7:00 Ballet IB
7:15Thursday 7:00 Jazz III
Monday 7:45 Teen Ballet
7:30Wednesday 7:30 Ballet II
Tuesday 8:00 Contemporary III
7:45Thursday 8:00 Teen Jazz
Tuesday 7:00 Tap II
8:00Fired Up Junior Team


4:00Thursday 3:30 PrePrimary
Thursday 3:30 Tap I
4:15Thursday 3:30 PrePrimary continued
Tuesday 3:30 Jazz I
4:30Thursday 4:15 Tap II
Thursday 3:30 PrePrimary continued
4:45Monday 4:15 Jazz II
Monday 4:30 Hip Hop I
5:00Thursday 5:00 Ballet II
Monday 5:15 Contemporary I
5:15Wednesday 4:30 Ballet II
Friday 6:00 PrePrimary
5:30Tuesday 4:30 Contemporary II
Friday 6:00 PrePrimary continued
5:45Acro- All Levels
Friday 6:00 PrePrimary continued
6:00Saturday 10:30 Hip Hop I
Saturday 10:30 Ballet IA
6:15Monday 8:00 Beg/Int Pointe
Saturday 9:30 Jazz I
6:30Tuesday 8:00 Contemporary IV
Daddy Daughter ORANGE SHOW
6:45Monday 8:00 Int/Adv Pointe
7:00Thursday 6:45 Hip Hop I
Monday 6:45 Ballet III
7:15Monday 6:45 Ballet IV
Thursday 7:30 Hip Hop II
7:30Thursday 7:00 Jazz IV
Wednesday 7:00 Tap I
7:45Fired Up Dance Team
Opening Number