More Than a Google Search

A quick google search for dance studios will populate many options for families to choose from. A google search for kids activities will pull up an even larger list of options to choose from, but Red Door Dance is not like the other places on those lists. There is something special about Red Door and you can feel it when you walk in, you can feel it in your first class, you can feel it in your 200th class. 


The most important thing to us is building up the whole child. Yes, we are a dance studio and yes our staff is highly trained in each of their expertises. Our dancers will get a wonderful dance education through our programs, but that is only the start of what you get when you walk through our doors. Our students are not just dancers to us, they are people. Being a More Than Just Great Dancing studio, we live by the words “we don’t teach kids to be great dancers. We teach dance to make great kids” spoken by Misty Lown. Red Door takes each student’s unique journey as an opportunity to teach life-long skills, create cherished memories and provide valuable experiences. 


The teachers and staff at Red Door are dedicated to our mission to inspire children to move and be creative and through dance, teach them valuable life lessons, build confidence and create successful humans.


When asking our staff and students “What is one word you think of when you think of Red Door” here are some of the answers I got: 










This list is evidence of our mission coming to life. Our reason for existing. Our reason for wanting to spread our love of dance to as many kids as we can. It is our great hope as an organization, as a business, as a community, we can reach more students who can learn the lessons we have to teach, create the memories and have the experiences.  


So while we will pop up on your phone when you google ‘dance studio near me’, we are so much more than that.