Our Dance Curriculum | The Importance of Dance Curriculum

At Red Door, we know the importance of having continuity between our classes and teachers and across our programs as a whole. It is so important to us that no matter what class a dancer enrolls in, they are getting high-quality instruction in dance technique and classroom activities.  We also place a great deal of importance on fueling their bodies and brains with positive, uplifting feedback and, above all, safe dance instruction.

One of the ways we ensure that dancers will always receive these foundational aspects in all of our classes is by using a curriculum. We have a proprietary dance class curriculum that was developed by our Program Directors to fit the needs of our specific dance studio. Through this curriculum, we are able to tailor our program to meet our dancers where they are in terms of dance technique and classroom needs. Our curriculum is what we like to refer to as a “living document” in that it is revised and updated every year based on how our students progressed in our classes. Our Dance Program Directors visit classrooms and make notes of our progress throughout the year so that we can be sure to customize our classes accordingly. This “real-time feedback” is what makes our curriculum so uniquely ours.


Another benefit of having this curriculum is that we are able to ensure that our dancers all learn the same concepts, skills, and technique regardless of the class they choose to take. We know that dance is not the only activity going on in your houses. This means we need to offer multiple times for people to take Jazz I or Tap III for example. It is so important to us, as a studio and educational institution, that no matter the day or time you take a class, your dancer will receive quality dance instruction and will be able to progress through our programs. We have seen tremendous success with our curriculum and the benefits it brings to all of our students.


We love seeing growth and progress in our dancers! We are fully invested in and committed to their dance journey with us. Dare I say, we are exceedingly passionate about it! (Yes, I do dare!) Our staff is building a dance studio; a place to grow up with friends; a place that we want our own children to thrive in; a family. We use our dance curriculum to ensure that that same culture and those high standards are a common thread that runs through our establishment. We are proud to be Red Door Strong in so many ways.