Daddy Daughter Dance


Daddy Daughter has become a tradition that many look forward to at Red Door Dance and we want you to be a part of it this year! This special addition to our recitals is a chance for Dads and their daughters to perform together on stage.

If you are interested please view all details below or feel free to let us know if you have any questions! We hope to see all you Dads on the dance floor this Spring! 🙂

**This year our Shining Stars Recital will feature a sweet Daddy Daughter dance as usual and our Eisemann Recital will feature an upbeat funky surprise!

Daddy Daughter Dance – Recital 2019

Dancer must be already participating in our 2019 Recital- we will be doing Daddy/Daughter Dances at all recitals so your dancer will perform with dad in the recital they will already be dancing in. They will only perform Daddy/Daughter at 1 Recital.

We must have 1 Dad per dancer- if availability does not make this possible an uncle, grandpa or close male family friend can be the dancer’s partner for this dance.

Attendance to rehearsals: please look over the rehearsal schedule. Rehearsal time is limited and dancers and dads will do much better if they can attend all the rehearsals. We ask that couples do not miss more than 1 rehearsal and if possible please make ALL rehearsals.

Stage Rehearsal Attendance is mandatory for all Daddy/Daughter couples. Shining Stars Stage Rehearsal is May 23 at Plano Event Center. Eisemann Center Stage Rehearsal is May 22 at Eisemann Center.

– Shining Stars Costume: For the actual performance Dads will need to wear a dark suit and dark shoes. Dancers will need to wear a white dress and either ballet or jazz shoes. We will have several white dress options to purchase through the studio for convenience if you choose.
Eisemann Costume: Eisemann Recital Daddy Daughter costume is still TBD.

The cost to do Daddy/Daughter Dance is $100 total. Half is due at the time of registration and the other half will be drafted from your card on March 1 with tuition. Please note- once registered these fees are non-refundable. So make sure you are ready to commit before registering.

All Registrations are due by February 1. Early registration is recommended- we could fill up!

Rehearsal Schedule:
There will be 4 in-studio rehearsals plus a mandatory stage rehearsal. All in-studio rehearsals will be 45 minutes  long on Saturdays sometime between 1:30pm and 6:00pm. Your exact rehearsal time will be determined once we see how many couples sign up. Rehearsals will be on the following Saturdays-
April 6
April 13
May 4
May 18
Plus- Mandatory Stage Rehearsal- May 23 for Shining Stars Dancers and May 22 for Eisemann Center Recital Dancers

Additional Help:
We will send each dad a choreography video that you and your dancer can practice with at home. ANY Dad can do this! We make sure it is easy to follow and we will help you feel confident about it!

How to Register:
In-studio or Online
$50 (per couple) will be due upon registration. The other $50 will be auto charged on April 1 with tuition.

Online Registration: When you login to register you will see a Master Classes/Workshops tab. Scroll to April 6 to find the Daddy Daughter class listed. Register your dancer for this class- you do not need to add dad as a student. Payment can be done online.

You can also email us to have US enroll your dancer and charge your card for you!


*Families with multiple dance kids- if you have more than 1 dancer in the same recital that wants to participate in Daddy Daughter you are welcome to get an uncle, grandpa, close male friend, etc. to be the extra partner. If you have dancers that are performing in different shows (1 dancer in Shining Stars Showcase and 1 dancer in Eisemann Recital) you are welcome to have Dad dance with both daughters in the show- this just means Dad will need to come to both rehearsals as the dances are different for each age group. Please come talk to us if you need help with how to make it work!