Stage Rehearsal

Stage rehearsal is on Thursday, May 29 and is MANDATORY for all dancers participating in recital. This rehearsal is very important and allows students to practice on stage and get familiar with the venue before performance day.  NO COSTUMES will be worn at this rehearsal. Please come in normal dance attire and bring all necessary dance shoes. We will run through each of their dances on the stage.

*** Please come at least 10 minutes early so you can find the drop off area and dancers will be ready to dance at the listed time.

WHERE: Eisemann Center- 2351 Performance Drive, Richardson, TX 75082
Hill Performance Hall

Dancers will be dropped off & checked in at the backstage entrance. This entrance is on Performance Drive-look for the red & white balloons. After dropping off your dancer, parents will walk around to the front entrance of the theater to watch rehearsal in the audience. Dancers will stay with our staff during their rehearsal time.
Parking: Please park in the Public Garage attached to the north side of the theater building. We will have a parking pass for you to get the discounted rate of $2/car. This is for stage rehearsal only.

-wear normal dance attire (no costumes)
-all dance shoes needed for recital in a bag- please put names or initials inside all shoes
-do not leave any extra items with dancer when you drop them off

When dancers have finished rehearsing their last dance they will be brought from the stage down to one of the front rows of the theater. Parents will pick up dancers here (in audience)

Stage Rehearsal Schedule

*Please remember the listed times are dance times. Dancers must already be dropped off with their dance shoes on and ready to dance at the listed time.
1:00Tues. PreBallet/Tumble (ballet shoes)
Wed. 10:30 PreBallet (ballet shoes)
Wed. 11:15 PreBallet (ballet shoes)
3:30Tues. 3:30 Combo I (ballet shoes 1st, tap 2nd)
Thurs. 3:30 Combo I (tap shoes 1st, ballet 2nd)
3:50Thurs. 3:45 Combo II (ballet shoes 1st, tap 2nd)
Mon. 3:4 Mini Tumblers (bare feet)
Mon. 4:00 Mini Hip Hop (hip hop shoes)
4:15Wed. PrePrimary (tap 1st, ballet 2nd, jazz 3rd)
Wed. 4:00 Combo II
4:45Tues. 4:30 Combo I (tap shoes 1st, ballet 2nd)
Tues. Ballet I (ballet shoes)
Tumbling I/II (bare feet)
5:05Thurs. 4:45 PreBallet (ballet shoes)
Mon. 4:45 Hip Hop I (hip hop shoes)
Wed. 5:00 Combo I (tap shoes 1st, ballet 2nd)
5:30Wed. Ballet II (ballet shoes)
Jazz I (jazz shoes)
Tumbling II/III (bare feet)
5:45Tues. 5:30 PreBallet (ballet shoes)
Thurs. Mini Hip Hop (hip hop shoes)
Tues. 6:15 PreBallet (ballet shoes)
6:00Company- Production (jazz shoes)
Thurs. Ballet IV/V (ballet shoes)
6:30Tap II (tap shoes)
Mon. 5:30 Hip Hop II (hip hop shoes)
Wed. 6:15 Combo I (tap shoes 1st, ballet 2nd)
6:50Jazz II (jazz shoes)
Tap I (tap shoes)
Thurs. Ballet I (ballet shoes)
7:05Thurs. Hip Hop I (hip hop shoes)
Tap III (tap shoes)
Mon. Ballet II (ballet shoes)
7:20Tues. PrePrimary (ballet 1st, tap 2nd, jazz 3rd)
Thurs. Hip Hop II (hip hop shoes)
Ballet III (ballet shoes)
Sat. Combo I (tap shoes 1st, ballet 2nd)
8:30Hip Hop III/IV (hip hop shoes)
Contemporary II/III (bare feet)
Jazz IV/V (jazz shoes)
Jazz III (jazz shoes)
9:00Contemporary IV/V (bare feet)