Punch Card Classes

At Red Door Dance, we understand the importance of your summer freedom. During the summer session, we don’t want you to be tied down to one style of dance, set day of the week, or time. Instead, we have developed a punch card system that allows your whole family to take advantage of all of the classes we have to offer.

Simply purchase a class punch card and choose your classes from week to week. Stick with the same class the whole summer or experience all of them. Punch cards will be held at the studio to prevent loss. Grab your punch card at the front desk when you come for whichever classes you decide to take! No commitment! Super flexible and lots of fun!

Punch Card Tuition
Pay Per class: $17 per class
8 Class Card: $115
*There are over 90 different Punch Card Classes in each level you can attend throughout the summer.

Punch Card Class Schedule
June 17- August 9
*No classes on Thursday, July 4- Studio Closed for Independence Day

Summer 2019 Print Out- Punch Cards & Sat Workshops – Punch Cards

Basic Level Classes
These classes are for dancers ages 7 and up who have never taken dance before or who have not taken this style of dance for many years. Basic classes will be learning the foundations of each style and are perfect for older dancers wanting to try a new style or get into dance for the first time. If the student has been dancing with us through our Shining Stars program they will be ready to move to Level I when they turn 7 and do not need to take Basic Level Classes.

Level I Classes
Level I Classes are perfect for dancers coming from PrePrimary, Combo II or our Mini Level Classes and are old enough (min. of 7 years old) and ready for hour long classes in each style. Ballet is split into IA and IB. IA is more beginner and IB moves slightly quicker. For Ballet, Tap & Jazz previous dance experience is needed for these Level I classes. (See Basic Level Class Descriptions Above) For Hip Hop, Contemporary & Acro beginners are welcome in Level I!

Level II, III/IV Classes
These levels are based on each individual dancer’s skill level & experience. If you are new to Red Door please contact us and we will help place you in the correct level.

To Register:
Click the button below and find the option to purchase individual classes or an 8 class card. The studio will create your punch card and keep at the studio. We will add classes to your card as you purchase more throughout the summer. You are also welcome to come the day of class and purchase your “punch” at that time.