Week Long Camps

Our week long camps give students ages 6+ a more in depth look at each dance style and allow dancers to really focus on improvement and mastering new skills. We offer week long camps in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Tumbling.

Level Placement: Placement for all camps is based on level/ability rather than age. Please contact us for help on placing your child in the appropriate level. Or view our level descriptions here. If you are a returning student you should enroll in the level you were in during the 2015-2016 school year.

Camp Discounts: Register for more than 1 week long camp and get 10% off every camp after the 1st

Registration: A 50% deposit is due at the time of registration. The other half will be auto-charged the 1st day of camp. All discounts will be taken off your balance due when class starts.


Misty Copeland


3:30-4:30Dance Acro
4:30-5:30Ballet IJazz II
5:30-6:30Ballet IIJazz I
6:30-7:30Ballet III/IVTumbling I
7:30-8:30Jazz III/IV


Misty Copeland


1:00-2:00Leaps & Turns I/IIBallet III/IV
2:00-3:00Tap IBallet II
3:00-4:00Get Flexible (ages 7+)Ballet I
4:00-5:00Hip Hop I/II


Misty Copeland


4:00-5:00Contemporary IIContemporary I
5:00-6:00Tap IITap III/IV
6:00-7:00Hip Hop I/IITumbling III/IV
7:00-8:00Hip Hop III/IVTumbling II
8:00-9:00Contemporary III/IV


Misty Copeland


Martha Graham

1:30-2:30Jazz I
2:30-3:30Jazz II
3:30-4:30Jazz III/IV
5:00-6:00Ballet III/IVTap I
6:00-7:00Ballet IIBallet I6:00-6:45
Pointe 1 & 2- must also attend the 5:00 Ballet class before this
7:00-8:00Leaps & Turns III/IVTap II

Contemporary Camp
Contemporary allows dancers to explore movement and dance in a unique and modern way. Combining elements of ballet and jazz technique and putting a fun “spin” on them, contemporary will get dancers out of their box with new and innovative movement. Dancers will work on the art of improvisation, learn new and challenging floor work and work on overall technique and performance. The week will end with an in-studio performance.
Attire: Form fitted dance attire, bare feet or dance “paws”

Jazz Camp
Get jazzy with a week of high energy dance! The 1st hour will be devoted to warm up, basic technique, stretches & combinations across the floor. In the 2nd hour students will learn a routine performed on the last day for friends & family.
Attire: Form fitted dance attire, jazz shoes

Tumbling Camp
Five action-packed days of incredible acrobatic training! During this week you’ll overcome your tumbling obstacles and progress quickly with lots of one-on-one instruction. By increasing agility, endurance, core strength, flexibility, and balance, students will build confidence in addition to improving their tumbling skills. On the last day of camp parents will be invited to see student’s progress.
Attire: Form fitted dance/tumbling clothes, jazz shoes or barefeet

Ballet Camp
A week of ballet is perfect for improving technique that will carry through to all forms of dance. Ballet is the foundation of all dance. This camp will have an hour of technique and an hour of choreography. Each dancer will come away with a good understanding of ballet technique, terminology & performance. The week will end with an in-studio performance.
Attire: Black leotard and pink tights, ballet skirt (optional), pink ballet shoes

Tap Camp
This highly rhythmical and exciting camp will take an in-depth look at tap dance. Students will work on a solid foundation of classical tap. They will learn and practice basic tap skills and as they progress they will work on syncopated rhythms, faster footwork and more difficult progressions. Students will learn a routine to perform on the last day.
Attire: Comfortable dance clothes, tap shoes