Company inspiRED

What is Company inspiRED?
Company inspiRED was created to give dancers (Ages 5+) who want to take dance to the next level the opportunity for a higher level of technical training, more dance hours per week, and opportunities to perform more. Company members will train in ballet, tap & jazz and compete in various competitions as well as perform at recital. Other performance opportunities may arise throughout the year. Company dancers train 4-15+ hours per week depending on the team and the amount of dances they are in.

Who is eligible for the Company?
Dancers ages 5+ that have previous experience in ballet and tap at a minimum are eligible for our teams. It is recommended that you take ballet, tap and jazz to prep for Company. Hip hop only students may not be technically strong enough for an invitation or may be required to take private lessons or a large amount of summer technique classes to get caught up. Dancers must be excited about dance class and want to be at the studio more than once a week. Dancers should be hardworking, posses strong technique and ability to take corrections and grow as a dancer. Parents should be ready to make the time commitment necessary for our team as well as the financial commitment. All dancers must audition for a place on the team.

If you currently dance competitively at another dance studio and are considering Red Door Dance Academy, please contact us to discuss your options.

Company related questions & inquiries can be sent to our Company Manger, Lauren Howard at